The benefits of eating chocolate


The Goodness of Chocolate We all love chocolate and what’s not to love? It’s delicious! However, its creamy texture and scrumptious taste is not the only reason to get excited… more and more, research has expressed that chocolate offers many health benefits. Dark chocolate in particular has been shown to be especially nutritious. 1) Dark […]

Story of Chocolates


The treat that now lies quietly in its wrapper carries a story of exotic places, long journeys and small families that raise delicate tropical fruit trees. As you peel back the wrapper, you’re uncovering the cacao tree’s seed and joining people the world over who have turned to this mysterious food for ritual, medicine and […]

10 Steps to tasting chocolate


Steps of Tasting Chocolate 1. Start by clearing your palate, meaning, you should not contain residual flavors from a previous meal. To do this, drink some water or eat an unsalted plain soda cracker. This is crucial in order to taste the subtleties of chocolate’s complex flavor. 2. In order to accommodate the full evolution […]