Owner Bio

Faye Jonah


Faye Jonah, native – New Jersey, has always had a love for food and sharing it with her family and friends. After earning an economics degree from Rutgers, she moved to Atlanta in 2002 and worked as a buyer for a major industrial packaging distributor. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and knew early on that she wanted to combine that with her passion for culinary arts. In 2009, she began studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta, graduating with a degree in Baking and Pastry in 2011. She has been highly involved in the Atlanta pastry community, to include organizing one of the Southeast’s premier pastry competitions and seminars, Pastry Live, assisting Chef Paul Bodrogi, CEP and lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta.

She launched Pastry Atlanta, an event within Pastry Live, showcasing local talent to both national and international attendees. She began to work part-time at diAmano Chocolate in November 2013 and quickly grew to love the company and its dedication to making high-quality chocolates. With the support of her mother and her aunt, she and her family took ownership of the company less than a year later, and together they have maintained their commitment to providing unique and innovative confections to an ever-growing customer base.

Co Owner Bio

Elisa MK Yau

Elisa MK Yau grew up in Hong Kong where she spent most of her childhood and teenage years. She had an early interest in arts and crafts which were cultivated in the clothing factory that her father operated. In 1969, she immigrated to the United States where she took classes at Collegiate Institute and earned an Associate Degree in Accounting in 1975. Before retiring, Elisa had 33 years of experience in Customer and Credit Operations with Con Edison Utility Company in New York City. She now spends her time traveling, visiting with family, and investing in opportunities that she has a passion for.

Michelle Hom

Michelle grew up in Massachusetts and having an entrepreneurship spirit, procured and operated several small businesses in the food service and retail sector. Michelle loves to travel all over the world and has an epicurean desire for great cultural cuisine. She traveled extensively in Europe and developed a fondness for fine chocolates, hence when the wonderful opportunity of acquiring diAmano Chocolate arised, it was a easy decision. She majored in business at Northeastern University until her family opened a Chinese restaurant in Gloucester, MA. She also held a Realtors license in Massachusetts and worked with CBRB and ReMax 100% Club. Michelle likes to spend her days devoting to daughters activities and traveling with her family in the USA. Michelle is a proud sponsor of Lake Windward Elementary school, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund in support of Dana-Farber Cancer Research.