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diAmano Chocolate is a locally, family owned business that opened in 2002. The original owners set the bar by offering all handmade chocolates, special customization and exceptional customer service. Ready to explore a different route in their lives they were happy to find one of their employees and her family wanted to buy the business and continue the tradition.

Faye Jonah, a trained pastry chef, was that employee. With the support of her mother and aunt the three ladies bought the business in October 2014. With a great foundation and loyal employees who had been making chocolate for the store for over ten years, they were off to a great start. Faye, who has become the general manager continues to make all the old favorites and while constantly adding seasonal flavors, so everyone can find their perfect piece of chocolate.

diAmano Chocolate continues to specialize in customization with 1000+ different chocolate shapes, edible logos and pictures, and custom messages written in chocolate, providing unique gifts for each customer. Chocolate lovers are never left behind though. We offer over 50 different flavors and combinations, with several that change throughout the year. We offer shipping nationwide as well as local delivery to the Atlanta area and of course in-store pick-up. We love chocolate and the challenge that each unique order represents. Come to the store or checkout the site and let us help you with that special gift!.


Main core of our company is our staff

Faye Jonah, native – New Jersey, has always had a love for food and sharing it with her family and friends. After earning an economics degree from Rutgers, she moved to Atlanta in 2002 and worked as a buyer for a major industrial packaging distributor. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and knew early on that she wanted to combine that with her passion for culinary arts. In 2009, she began studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta, graduating with a degree in Baking and Pastry in 2011.She has been highly involved in the Atlanta pastry community, to include organizing one of the Southeast’s premier pastry competitions and seminars, Pastry Live, assisting Chef Paul Bodrogi, CEP and lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta . She launched Pastry Atlanta, an event within Pastry Live, showcasing local talent to both national and international attendees.


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